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Foster Rosenblatt provides a framework to understand the most appropriate time for biotechnology companies to enter into licensing agreements. The paper further examines the differences in the value of licensing transactions by different therapeutic areas. Equally important, it also investigates the preference of the top twelve pharmaceutical companies on when to enter into a licensing agreement.

Foster Rosenblatt Practices

Foster Rosenblatt’s practices are internal communities of domain expertise organized to provide our clients with deep content skills in life sciences including pharmaceutical forecasting, modeling, training and valuation & finance.
Strategic Opportunity Assessment

Holistic volume & pricing/access insights defining market drivers of performance & "white space" opportunities for brands.


Advanced modeling & assumption sets accurately forecasting units and/or patients for markets, brands & business units.

Pricing & Market Access

Research, strategy & tactics that support market access at appropriate prices by understanding the value of health to key stakeholders.

Commercial Analytics

Research, data analysis & advanced modeling that support promotional optimization across traditional & digital channels.

Strategic Market Research

Qualitative methods moderated by content experts & advanced quantitative research insights for physicians, payers & patients.

Brand & Business Unit Strategy

Strategic support for understanding the needs of your customers and what strategies would maximize the value of your brand and/or business unit.

Strategic Market Research

Qualitative & quantitative research conducted by content experts that provide insights for animal/livestock & companion animal sectors.


Advance modeling & assumption sets predicting future performance of markets, brands & portfolios.


Holistic pricing strategy & tactics for individual products & portfolios that incorporate price sensitivity & customer's likelihood to purchase.

Lifecycle Strategy

Scenario-based strategy war games that provide a risk-free environment to test strategy in a realistic simulated marketplace.

Promotional Analysis

Optimizing promotional ROI with advanced analytics that inform level of spend & mix of channels for each target group.

Brand Strategy & Planning

Strategic planning incorporating customer knowledge, segmentation, positioning, messaging as well as competitor/market dynamics.

Marketing Excellence Curricula

Development & deployment of content-rich curricula to cultivate the knowledge & skills of the marketing/commercial organization.

Performance & Learning Consulting

Organizational performance assessments that identify opportunities for further development of performance/learning frameworks & individual skills.

Performance Frameworks

Capability & competency model development that supports learning metrics & performance evaluation.

Learning Frameworks

Instructional design consulting that support the development of curriculum strategies for the the marketing/commercial organization.

Blended Learning Solutions

Customized learning & eLearning programs, courses & modules that blend talent experience levels with optimal learning methodologies.

360° Learning Technologies

Learner-centered digital solutions supporting both local-market & global learning needs by leveraging technology, company expertise & F|R's deep content knowledge

Foster Rosenblatt Centers of Excellence

Foster Rosenblatt’s centers of excellence bring multidisciplinary expertise & high-value point solution techniques to support complex/cross-functional client questions.


F|R’s OncoEdge® database/forecast modeling & oncology specific advisory.

Launch Excellence

Specialized launch support in strategy, tactics & process across all functions.

Valuation & Finance

Life sciences, diagnostics, devices & digital

Modeling & Simulation

Advanced EXCEL-based forecast models & simulator shells for brands/markets.


Jerry Rosenblatt

Jerry Rosenblatt

Thomas Foster

Thomas Foster

Anna Czarnecki

Anna Czarnecki

Donald Dwyer

Donald Dwyer

PrincipalPerformance & Learning
Ricardo Uribe

Ricardo Uribe

PrincipalModeling & Simulation
Jas Madan

Jas Madan

PrincipalBiopharma & Medtech
Sara Rosenblatt

Sara Rosenblatt

ChiefHR Officer


"Foster|Rosenblatt has excellent bench strength. You don't have a 'B-team'."

Vice President, Commercial Operations Top 10 Pharma

"I trust Anna with my career. I know she will never let me down."

Sr. Director, Brand Lead Top 5 Animal Health

"The Foster|Rosenblatt teams are fun to work with."

Director, Market Research Top 10 Pharma

"Ricardo and his team are the reason that we don't use many other vendors."

Vice President, Business Intelligence Top 25 Pharma

"The F|R marketing training courses are the best I have attended."

Sr. Manager, Forecasting Top 10 Biotech

"You guys are simply good to work with, predictable, reliable, high quality."

Senior Director, Therapy Area Lead Top 10 Biotech