Pharmaceutical Market Research - A Guide to Primary and Secondary Research

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Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.

Dan Zarrella, Viral Marketing Scientist

New to market research?

Do you know how to select and utilize the most appropriate market research tools to meet the unique needs of your market research?

Do you know how to compare and leverage the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research techniques?

This 2-day course will teach today's pharma market researcher the fundamentals of the research process, including the basics of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, primary and secondary research methods, and advanced marketing science applications such as conjoint analysis and perceptual mapping.

What will you Learn?

  • The Research Process
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Advanced Data Analysis

Course Objectives

  • Define and describe the commonly used Market Research tools
  • Understand how to select the most appropriate tools to meet the unique needs of your market research
  • Compare and contrast the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research techniques

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Industry Leading Instructor

General Manager, Associate Partner,Performance & Learning

Don has over 25 years of experience in life sciences as a subject matter expert who specializes in organizational performance. Areas of expertise focus on commercial excellence including forecasting, market research, brand planning and advanced marketing strategy.

Who Should Attend

All levels of market research, analyst to manager or anyone associated with or requiring marketing research, including commercial analytics, marketing communications, project management, strategic planning, new business development, brand management and financial management.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • The Market Research Process
  • Problem Identification
  • Secondary Data Analysis
  • Case Study Exercise

Day 2

  • Primary Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Questionnaire Design Sampling
  • Data Analysis - Univariate, Bivariate, Multivariate
  • Brand Perceptual Mapping