Oncology Center of Excellence What We Do

The Foster|Rosenblatt Oncology Center of Excellence provides the unique blend of commercial and scientific skills required to support oncology products throughout their lifecycles.

The oncology landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by new science bringing treatment options for an expanded number of patients and redefining cancer as a large number of narrowly defined diseases. Most health systems are struggling to adapt and embrace this evolution. In particular the clinical diagnostic & treatment infrastructure, financing/payer mechanisms and regulatory systems are adjusting in real-time to the fast changing oncology environment.

Over the past five years, 75 new oncology treatments have been launched for 20+ tumor types. The total cost of cancer medicines and diagnostics is over $100 billion and rising at 12% annually. Payers are seeking assurance of the value that result from their expenditure on these drugs and services. And this tension will be amplified over the next many years as a strong pipeline of clinically distinctive therapies reaches a growing number of patients.

F|R OncoEdge® Patient Prevalence Tool

We have developed a powerful epidemiological tool that identifies highly relevant current & future treatable patient populations. This database specifies real-world proprietary treatment algorithms validated by key opinion leaders and community physicians that outline the percent of patients diagnosed by stage and/or histologic subtypes, treatment options received by patients and recurrence rates/patterns/timelines.

The model determines patient incidence & prevalence using a retrospective regression approach that isolates treatable patient populations as well as palliated patients.

F|R OncoEdge® Data Types

  • Demographic Profiles: Population projections by geography
  • Epidemiology Data: As defined by primary research & academic publications
  • Treatment Algorithms: Isolating stage at diagnosis & progression pathway by histological subset
  • Share of Market: By line of treatment by histological subset
  • Reimbursement Levels: By payer & line of treatment
  • Pricing Levels: By line of treatment (by dosing & cycles)

Solutions for Each Stage of the Product Lifecycle

We are experienced oncology experts who are exclusively dedicated to this one therapy area. Our CoE supports the commercial needs a molecule at each stage of the product lifecycle with a broad spectrum of research, data, analytics and brand planning.

We offer the following solutions for you:


  • Assess & understand the opportunity by stage and line of treatment (vis-à-vis current and future competitor set)
  • Determine required evidence package for launch (by stakeholder type)
  • Conduct pricing, access research & set price
  • Establish relationships with payers & key HCPs


  • Build a value story for payers, HCPs, patients & policy makers (clinical, cost effectiveness & budget impact)
  • Determine HCP influence cascade
  • Create engagement strategy for key stakeholders
  • Design the launch playbook & lifecycle plan


  • Broaden/deepen communication of value all stakeholders & maximize MSL impact
  • Optimize patient support & market access activities
  • Track & demonstrate health outcomes
  • Assess possible & actual competitive events for impact & determine mitigating strategies


  • Stay relevant with continued differentiation via targeted clinical data packages
  • Sharpen focus on multi-channel marketing to HCPs
  • Identify patients with ongoing & unmet medical need
  • Determine biosimilar response strategy

Highlighted Consulting Offerings

Research & Analytics

  • Forecasting patients, brands & markets
  • Qualitative & quantitative HCP stakeholder research
  • Payer landscape & value proposition research
  • Performance & usage tracking (ATUs)
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Insightful meeting analysis

Strategy & Brand Support

  • Brand planning & launch preparation/execution
  • War gaming & simulation-based scenario planning
  • Pricing/market access strategy & tactics
  • Promotion, commercial/ROI analytics
  • Business development & diligence support