Modeling & Simulation Center of Excellence What We Do

The Foster|Rosenblatt Modeling & Simulation Center of Excellence provides advanced computer-based model shells that are technically advanced, user-friendly & support a wide range of use cases. Our offerings allow clients to focus their exclusive attention on the content of their models & not be restricted by any technical limitations in architecture or coding. This set of services and products gives you on-demand additional capacity during times of high workload, technical expertise in new therapy areas & geographies and a common modeling platform across the enterprise.

Our core value proposition is focused on seven model/simulation types.

  • Predictive model shells that are functionally advanced and can be used for any forward-looking deterministic or probabilistic analyses.
  • Market simulators & advanced scenario planners that can be populated with real-world data and market performance algorithms to accurately model multiple future scenarios and provide a platform for “what-if” gaming.
  • Pricing and market access models that calculate tradeoffs under different scenarios to support strategy and tactics that optimize a brand’s value.
  • Promotional response models that calculate return on investment and support promotional spend optimization.
  • Monte Carlo and risk analysis platforms for modeling uncertainty.
  • Dashboards that thoughtfully capture descriptive and predictive information for purposes of analyses and planning.
  • Valuation models that support licensing and M&A activities by translating forecasts, pro forma P&L statements, discounted cash flows and comparable transaction data into useful deal analytics.

Modeling & Simulation Center Approaches

We are dedicated to the science of model building as a standalone domain expertise. Our work adheres to the highest methodological standards for software and computer-based tool development.

Model Platform

  • Models are built in EXCEL with (or without) VBA code according to the client’s technical and process requirements, and most model elements may be edited by clients

Modular Construction

  • Models are designed to be modular and elements can be “mixed and matched” to provide off-the-shelf or custom functionality

Data Sources

  • Models are compatible with all external and internal data sources, and dynamic data updates can be programmed for models that feed dashboards or other analytical tools

Development Methods & Quality Assurance

Our approach to building models and software utilizes a proprietary Rapid Application Development method focusing on high quality and fast turnaround times. The key emphasis is on matrix team collaboration and the development of business rules based on user needs. Embedded in all our work are logic checks known as User Failsafe Protocols to protect the integrity of models from inputs or data flows that would break acceptable business rules.

Modeling & Simulation Center Team

We are technical experts in mathematics, econometrics, decision-science & programming, and we have deep understanding of the business processes & outcomes that our clients require from life sciences & financial models.