What We Do

The Foster|Rosenblatt Commercial Diligence Center of Excellence provides commercial diligence, risk assessments and strategic transaction support for life sciences deals involving products and/or going concerns. We safeguard that our clients select the right deals, stay out of bad deals and avoid any material surprises. Additionally, we perform these services in the very tight timeframes that often define a deal process.

We are strategic partners to our clients and inform their investment decisions. We are independent, objective and only serve the interests of our clients. For each opportunity, we apply our deep content expertise as both commercial experts in life sciences and financial valuation experts.

As appropriate and for each opportunity, we conduct comprehensive market research with stakeholders such as physicians, payers and other key players, characterize the landscape & market dynamics, identify competitive opportunities & threats and quantify the future events that are likely to evolve the commercial environment.

Our Core Competency

Alongside our commercial diligence offerings, Foster|Rosenblatt is a full-service commercial consultancy that specializes in product forecasting and brand optimization. We are trusted by many of the world’s leading life sciences brands to accurately predict the future performance of markets. Additionally, we support brands with pricing & market access and promotional response advisory services on which many leading companies rely. These industry-leading capabilities position us well to leverage our skills to provide highly accurate forward-looking characterization of a deal’s future performance and risk.

We Answer These Key Questions

  • What is the current landscape for the market?
  • What is the clinical unmet need?
  • What are the market access and pricing opportunities/challenges?
  • What events are likely to evolve the market and by how much?
  • How strong is the target’s competitive position over time?
  • What operational effectiveness, cost and revenue synergies exist with current activities?
  • How achievable is the business plan?
  • What are the risks and uncertainties?
  • What is the valuation range at which a deal is advantageous to the client?

Forecast & Valuation Methods

  • Epidemiology Based Modeling: For newer or fast changing markets, an epidemiology based approach is used to determines a patient utilization over time.
  • Patient Flow / System Modeling: This subset of epidemiology modeling uses simulation techniques that follow patient cohorts over time & under changing circumstances.
  • Demand Based Modeling: For established markets or brands, a demand basis is used that focuses on quantitative time series & insightful analog selection.
  • Modeling Uncertainty: As appropriate, a dynamic simulator is used that allows “what if” gaming, scenario optimization & Monte Carlo analyses.
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation: An asset or company is valued by projecting its future cash flows and then applying a Net Present Value (NPV) method.
  • Comparative Valuation: This valuation technique is used to analyze how comparable assets or companies have transacted or been valued in publicly traded markets.


In addition to our core work for our biopharmaceutical clients, Foster|Rosenblatt exclusively provides the market and epidemiology models for the Bloomberg Terminal. Our work is the standard on Wall St. and among the global investment community as a content-rich and reliable source of forward-looking analyses of markets, drugs and epidemiology.